Niagara Workforce Planning Board

I performed research and analysis of local labour market issues for community stakeholders. In my years at NWPB, I brought $98,000 in external funding to the organization, and I directed the Niagara Community Data Consortium. I not only gathered and analyzed data, but I designed, managed, and wrote our many publications and reports. I delivered presentations and represented NWPB to the community, as well as facilitated seminars and workshops on labour market information. I developed and ran our blog and website, and I supervised a complete overhaul of our online footprint.

I tried to focus the organization on interactive online media for data presentation, rather than on static print documents, as I feel that it is best to present data to users in an intuitive format that lets them find what they need. I think a research organization’s role is to make the access and understanding of data easy for clients and stakeholders, and to help them make evidence-based decisions.