Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

My job as Policy and Government Relations Manager is one of counsel and of advocacy. As a political expert, I advise the organization’s board, staff, and membership on policy and its impact on their operations. I also advocate for Chamber members and the business community at large to all levels of government. I am responsible for researching and generating advocacy plans and policy recommendations, and then presenting and advocating for them in the political space.


In broad strokes, my job is to help create a governance environment that is friendly and open to business. I see that as a part of a healthy and vibrant community – a prosperous business community means jobs, investment, community involvement, social engagement, infrastructure, health and wellness, and more.


My approach is one of collaboration and consensus-building. I work to find shared interests and common goals with other community stakeholders and to build teams and coalitions, and I firmly believe that you can find friends in the most unlikely places if you’re willing to look and collaborate. Working together, we not only have a better chance of success, but we get solutions that benefit everyone.