Niagara Workforce Blog

I conceived, developed and ran a blog for the Niagara Workforce Planning Board. The blog was used to deliver labour market news and short articles about workforce planning issues which did not warrant a publication of their own, many of which I wrote myself. It also gave us a web-based platform to distribute deliverables in new formats, such as interactive maps, podcasts, and video.



Labour Market Observer

An ongoing monthly analysis of Niagara labour market data and workforce issues, provided as a public service to community stakeholders. I have recently updated this from a printed newsletter to a digitally-delivered interactive graphic publication.



Grimsby Labour Market Guide 2014

I researched, wrote, and designed this series of brochures summarizing up-to-date labour market information for every municipality in the Niagara Region. This brochure is an example.



Do the Math

A presentation on the importance of the data-based approach, developed for a conference of Workforce Planning Board Directors in Toronto, in May, 2014.



Online Anonymity

My Master’s thesis, successfully defended (without revisions) in February 2014. It deals with the possibilities that internet technologies have opened for public and anonymous public speech, and their impact on deliberative democracy. It is multidisciplinary and draws both from a technical knowledge of internet security and from political philosophy both ancient and modern. Supervised by Prof. Leah Bradshaw.



Ontario Trillium Grant

A six-figure provincial grant proposal for a project to acquire economic data and train other organizations in accessing and using that data, aimed at community-based sustainability in both funding and training within two years. Currently under review.


Niagara Commuter Flow

I developed this interactive map in Tableau, using freely available Statistics Canada data. It is interactive – select the place of origin on the right, and the map will show you where residents of that place go to work.

I use this as an example of how important data visualization and presentation is. The Statistics Canada tables are hard to get a coherent story out of, but this lets the user get a grasp of commuter flows very quickly.



Niagara Labour Market Plan

This report provides the reader with information on workforce issues and trends, the underlying population issues, migration, educational attainment, employer characteristics and trends, and on insights into the various programs that fall under Employment Ontario services.



Death of the Internet

An examination of the transition of the internet from a free and open space to one dominated by “gatekeepers.” Draws from Martin Heidegger and George Grant in building a theoretical picture of technological problems.