Brock University

I maintained an 88% GPA during my Master’s degree, was top of my class, and defended my thesis in February, 2014. I was the first student to be admitted into the thesis stream for many years; the vast majority are steered towards the less-demanding major research paper (MRP) stream.

Funded Awards and Scholarships:

  • Distinguished Graduate Student Award
  • SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Master’s Scholarship
  • OGS Scholarship
  • Jack M. Miller Excellence in Research Award (nominated)

Community involvement:

  • Faculty Hiring Committee
  • Graduate Student Representative

My thesis deals with the possibilities that internet technologies have opened for public and anonymous public speech, and their impact on deliberative democracy. It is multidisciplinary and draws both from a technical knowledge of internet security and from both ancient and modern political philosophy.

Education & Credentials


Brock University

I double-majored, and still came top of the class of 2012 in both Political Science and Labour Studies, with an 89% GPA.


Funded, merit-based awards and scholarships:

  • Distinguished Graduating Student 2012 (Political Science & Labour Studies)
  • Dr. James A. Gibson Prize in Political Science
  • Purple Chair Award
  • Returning Scholars Award
  • Father Sean O’Sullivan Scholarship
  • Dean’s Writing Award in the Social Sciences
  • Political Science Book Prize (2-time winner)
  • Labour Studies Annual Writing Award (2-time winner)
  • Labour Studies Undergraduate Student of the Year Award

Non-funded merit-based awards and scholarships:

  • Dean’s Honours List 2009-2012
  • Donald G. Creighton Prize in History (nominated)

Community involvement:

  • Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Wuhan University Exchange Program
  • Positive Space Workshop
  • Undergraduate Student Representative

Activities and Societies: 

  • Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Student Representative (Recruitment Committee)
  • Positive Space Program
Education & Credentials


Wuhan University

I was delighted to participate in the pilot year of the Brock-Wuhan University student exchange program, with an opportunity to study Chinese culture and the Mandarin language in the People’s Republic of China.

Education & Credentials